Image Gallery

Plymouth, England portfolio Sutton was renamed Plymouth after the Saxon settlement of the fifth century, but it's history goes back to the bronze age. Francis Drake was once it's mayor. Sahauro Ranch Park portfolio Saguaro Ranch Park is located in Glendale, Arizona. The park has buildings, equipment's and machinery which were used daily during the 1880's
Prague,Czech Republic portfolio The city was founded by King Boyya in 1306 B.C. becoming the territory of Bohemia. Praha or Prague became it's name in the ninth century. Richmond,Virginia portfolio The city of Richmond was founded in 1737, but became Virginia capital in 1780. Richmond is known for it's notable men and historical values in American history.
Murals portfolio Murals has became a form of art painted on walls of buildings or man-made creation of an architectural access or freeway underpasses. Londinium, England portfolio Londinium was founded by the Romans in 42 A.D. The words United Kingdom, Great Britain and England has different meanings in how it should be spoken or used in their history.
Archive portfolio The archive portfolio are images from my past From 2002 t0 2009. They consist of images from film to digital, but mostly images from my european photography trip from 2009 as I strive to learn how to used a new digital camera for the first time. I Owned the Canon XSi at that time. Birds portfolio Birds are fascinating animals. They come in many forms, varieties and beautiful colours.
Norfolk,Virginia portfolio The city of Norfolk was founded in 1732 and is known as a major hub for military navel station.