Self Portrait

 Don Dresden is my pseudonym name. I live in the Historical city of Richmond, Virginia. I enjoy taking photography images in my free time and would loved to develope this hobby more as an Freelance shutterbug photographer. I desire to use the camera to experience a small aspect of other people's lives. Other people's talents have taken their form in sculptures, buildings, objects, art, or have effect people through written words in books and poems. There are many forms of talents in this world which has benefited, shaped or influence other people to expand their own horizon. I hope to be influence by others.
 I would love to explore additional exposure in the photography field to expand within the following fields, such as archaeological sites. I have a deep passion for travel photography. Travel photography allows me the opportunities to see the world and experience different cultures. I've had the opportunity to travel to 13 countries taking pictures and experience cultures while interacting with people while traveling.
Our past continues to make our future. Every morning we wake up with a desire to leave our footprints for our lives. I desire to share your footprints with the world with my camera.
Kindest Regards, Don Dresden Mucheck